#TwitterTips: Moments, Hashtags, And Follow
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”TMakJJVL4gM” title=”#TwitterTips: Moments, Hashtags, And Follow” upload_time=”2016-11-02T17:35:48.000Z” description=”Discover and explore! These #TwitterTips will keep you in the know.” duration=”PT44S”]
Discover and explore! These #TwitterTips will keep you in the know.

6 Replies to “#TwitterTips: Moments, Hashtags, And Follow”

  1. If this is the real twitter company why are you shutting down vine lots of people are using vine money to pay the rent what are they going to do after vine is shut down you should think about what you are doing right now

  2. Fu. C. K. Twitter f. U. C. K. I. N. Shutting vine down the owner of Twitter is an twitter booty hole son of a bit. Ch
    1 like = 1 respect for vine

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