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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”pYKyH2o6ztw” title=”Twitter Tips” upload_time=”2010-02-25T21:16:35.000Z” description=” – – Okay, will you help me through the rest of my Twitter Tips eBook? I’ll give you credit and a free copy of it when she’s done. Don’t worry: it’ll only” duration=”PT2M47S”]
– – Okay, will you help me through the rest of my Twitter Tips eBook? I’ll give you credit and a free copy of it when she’s done. Don’t worry: it’ll only cost .40 when we’re done. Pretty darn affordable for really darn practical advice!

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  1. To stop people from un-following you: INTERACT WITH THEM. The more you interact with them the more they’ll like you.


  2. Rueffilicious

    Just because you are truly funny and post your work to twitter don’t expect people to automatically follow you

  3. The Randall M. Rueff Comic Strip is on Twitter which should only be seen by people who are seriously ready to laugh a lot.

  4. Rueffilicious

    You can participate in the ongoing contest to see who is a bigger geek Chris Pirillo or Randall M. Rueff

  5. If you have a ustream account you can hock it up to your Twitter account
    so what your talking about on your live stream automactley posts it on Twitter for you and this work on other websites like “google wave, facebook, ect…

  6. Stick to the 140 character limit. Try to avoid using the “TwitLonger” option. Many followers do not want to have to click a link in order to read the rest of your Tweet. Username: Lindor

  7. If you are a business, let people follow you, don’t follow others and expect them to be willing to listen to your spam. If they want to eat your spam, they’ll come to YOU for it if your content is interesting enough.

  8. cause people are idiots and post things like about going to the washroom or going to bed. Like do they really need 2 post that stuff?

  9. Tip #1
    After creating a profile, a user forgets or ignores to write some lines about him that gives users a reason to ignore you, always write a short and effective Bio on your profile, if you want people to follow you.


  10. Tip #2 –
    There are plenty of Scripts on internet that offers users to increase their Followers by thousand for a few dollars or even free and most of the new users blindly use these sites, that results in account suspension by Twitter or loosing the few followers they have because all these scripts store your login info and spam with your account, so be aware and keep posting good stuff, people will follow you 🙂

    my name – Anmol Bajaj
    twitter user name – @anmol77

  11. Tip #3
    It is a most common mistake, new users use long and complicated Twitter urls, that forgets easily and it looks un-professional. Always try to select your name or your brands name as your profile url.

    my name – Anmol Bajaj
    twitter user name – @anmol77

  12. here’s a good twitter tip; don’t retweet that a celeb has died unless you have verified its true


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